Standard Lavatories

Standard Lavatories are available in hundreds of sizes, 15 bowl styles, either Flat or Raised edge and also 5/8" or 1" thickness. Standard Lavatories can have one bowl (centered or offset) or two bowls. Click on the bowl style below to see all the available sizes.

A Standard Lavatory is one for which we already have a mold, and so it requires no special setup, and is therefore generally less expensive than a custom.

Standard Lavatories are categorized below by bowl style. If the lavatory you need is not specifically listed in this section, including anything with an Eclipse bowl, it is available as a custom lavatory. Please see our section on Custom Lavatories. More information on Standard Lavatories."

Traditional Bowl Styles
Transitional Bowl Styles
Contemporary Bowl Styles
Other Options

Edge Styles
5/8" Thick Raised Edge
(standard & custom)
5/8" Thick Flat Edge
(standard & custom)
1" Thick Flat Edge
(standard & custom)

Lavatory Drain Recommendations
We recommend using tapered-thin drains - see comparison below
Drain Comparison
Drain Comparison
Flat-thick Drain vs. Tapered-thin Drain
Angled-thin Drain
Angled-thin Drain Tapers
Tapered-thin Drain Tapers
Tapered-thin Drain is flush with the lavatory bowl and tapers down to allow the water to flow
Flat-thick Drain
Flat-thick Drain Traps Water
Flat-thick Drain Traps Water
Flat-thick Drain is flat which causes it to trap water around the drain