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Standard Shower Base - Ramped Curb

Shower Bases (Shower Pans)

Standard 60" x 42" -- weight 180lbs

Standard 60" x 60" -- weight 240lbs

  • Integral Ramp - 1⅜" to 1½" tall
  • We recommend using shower curtains with our integral ramp
    shower bases. If a door is needed, a good option to consider
    is a Low Profile shower base with an add-on ramp.
Standard Ramped Shower Base Pan with two extended seats, grab bars, and diamond wide caddies.

Standard Ramped Shower Base Pan
60" x 42" Ramped Curb Style
Low Profile Base with Add-on Ramp
  • Turns any Low Profile Base into a Ramped Base
  • Can be attached permanently, temporarily, or left unattached or removable
  • Finished on left and right ends, top and front edge
  • Can be ordered any length