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Standard Low Profile / Level Access

Shower Bases (Shower Pans)

Low profile shower bases are also available in custom sizes.

Low Profile Shower Bases are often used when either: 1) stepping into high tub or over a tall shower curb is too difficult, or, 2) when a more contemporary look is desired.

Standard Low Profile Curb height is 1 3/8” to 1 1/2” tall. All curbs have a slope back into the shower area and the shower area has a 1/4” per foot slope towards the drain.

Standard Low Profile Shower Bases are available individually and also as a kit with our Onyx wall panels. Other shower wall systems such as ceramic tile can also be used with Onyx shower bases.

Onyx Shower Kits can be ordered in 78”, 84”, 90”, 96”, 102”, and 108” tall heights (and any other height as needed - kit height includes base and walls). These kits include the shower base, all wall panels, adhesive silicone, and also color match seamfill silicone.

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Low Profile Design
The Onyx Collection Videos
Low Profile Draining

Shower Kit
base, walls, and all silicone
Standard Low Profile 60 x 32 Shower Base with a Left Drain and Tile Wall Panels

Standard Low Profile Shower Base
48" x 36" Standard


All Standard Low Profile Shower Bases we have available are listed on this page. Other standard bases include: Full Height, Neo-Angle, Double Threshold, or Ramp Style showers, available on their respected pages. For custom sizes or configurations, visit the Popular Shower Configuration page, where you will discover infinite possibilities.

The Onyx Collection gives you a choice of over 60 colors and 75 standard base sizes so you don't have to settle for something you really don't want. For a distinctive look, several different Trim options are available, as well as contrasting Stripes and Borders and even Graphic Inlays to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of your shower.

The Onyx Collection also provides a wide range of accessories including Soap Dishes, Shampoo Caddies, Towel Bars, Shower Seats and even Foot Shelves, displayed on the Accessories page.

Add-On Ramp for Low Profile Shower Base

  • Turns any Low Profile Base into a Ramped Base
  • Can be attached permanently, temporarily, or left unattached or removable
  • Finished on left and right ends, top and front edge
  • Can be ordered any length

    The Onyx Collection Low Profile Shower Add-on Ramp Diagram
12x12 Low Profile Corner Shower with Ramp Extension Add-on

Low Profile Shower Installation

Diagram of Low Profile Shower Installed on Top of Floor Diagram of Low Profile Shower Installed on Top of Subfloor
  • Shower base installed directly on top of the flooring
  • Shower base installed on the subfloor
  • Flooring and underlayment can be run up to the curb
  • This will make the curb height "lower"

Level Access Shower Installation

Diagram of Low Profile Shower Installed Level with the Floor Diagram of Low Profile Shower Installed Level with the Floor Notched in Floor Joists
  • Subfloor is taken out
  • 2x4s are scabbed onto the side of the floor joists, ¾" down
  • Subfloor is placed on the 2x4s, flush with the top of the floor joists
  • Subfloor is taken out
  • Floor joists are notched
  • Subfloor is replaced