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Crown Molding

Crown Molding shower trim adds to the appearance of the shower and also makes the wall panel installation easier, especially if the wall panels will go to the ceiling. The Crown Molding trim allows the panels to be up to 3" short of the ceiling, which allows the panels to be handled much easier. Corner blocks are available to eliminate miter cuts. installed crown molding

cap mount crown molding   full view crown molding   top mount crown molding   crown molding corner block


1⅞" Crown Molding
1⅞" Tall
3" Crown Molding
3" Tall

cap mount crown molding
Cap Mount
top mount crown molding
Top Mount

Corner Blocks:
For 1⅞" Crown Molding

cap mount 2" corner block
Cap Mount

top mount 2" corner block
Top Mount
For 3" Crown Molding

cap mount 3" corner block
Cap Mount

top mount 3" corner block
Top Mount