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The Color Selector

As you move your mouse pointer over the small color samples, you will notice that the larger sample chip on the left gives you a close-up view of each color, and the name of the color is displayed in the text box above the chip.

To compare different colors, simply click on one of the small color samples to place that color into the Color Matrix.  The blue arrow will advance to the next color space, and you are ready to pick your next color.

If you want to turn off the auto-advance and take control of where the colors go, just click the place in the Color Matrix where you want the next color to be, and then select a color to fill that space.  To turn the auto-advance feature back on, refresh the page.

Have fun!


Request your Samples

Now that you have decided what colors you are interested in, click HERE to request your samples. Type in an amount for each color sample you would like to receive. (Up to 6 sample chips may be ordered per request.)

When you have finished entering your samples, please include the name and address to which you want your samples sent.

Click on the "Order Samples" button to send your request.

Notes on Color Accuracy
Matching colors to tile, wallpaper, etc.