Color Sample Chip Information

Sample Chains

Samples of our current colors can be seen wherever our product is sold.

We furnish two sample chains to our dealers; one for Gloss Finish colors, and one for Matte Finish colors.
(If you are not a dealer and would like individual samples sent to your home, click here.)

To keep your chains intact, instead of lending out the color chips to your customers, you can request a few sample chips for them and we will send them directly to their homes.

Call 1-800-669-9867, FAX 1-800-393-6699 or e-mail us, or use this form.

Below are lists of the colors that should be included in the chains. If you have a chain that is missing any of these colors, please call, fax, or e-mail us a list of the ones you need to restore your chain, and we will get them right out to you.

Click for Sequential Listings

Alabaster Bamboo
Alabaster Blizzard
Alabaster Blue Pearl
Alabaster Bronzite
Alabaster Cadet
Alabaster Cameo
Alabaster Cappuchino
Alabaster Caramel
Alabaster Carrara
Alabaster Cashmere
Alabaster Chestnut
Alabaster Cloud
Alabaster Constellation
Alabaster Corinthian
Alabaster Creekside
Alabaster Dorian
Alabaster Dove
Alabaster Drifwood
Alabaster Fashion
Alabaster Florentine
Alabaster Granada
Alabaster Gray Pearl
Alabaster Gun Metal
Alabaster Icicle
Alabaster Journey
Alabaster Ledge
Alabaster Mystique
Alabaster Pepper
Alabaster Prospect
Alabaster Safari
Alabaster Sedona
Alabaster Sierra
Alabaster Serenity
Alabaster Silver
Alabaster Spice
Alabaster Summer
Alabaster Tiger Eye
Alabaster Tiramisu
Alabaster Tumbleweed
Alabaster Walnut
Alabaster White Onyx
Alabaster Alabaster
Alabaster Bamboo
Alabaster Blizzard
Alabaster Cameo
Alabaster Carrara
Alabaster Cloud
Alabaster Dove
Alabaster Fossil
Alabaster Low Tide
Alabaster Moonstone
Alabaster Sandstone
Alabaster Tiramisu
Alabaster White Onyx